I’ve found a way to keep myself motivated throughout the month.

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NaNoWriMo is a writing challenge that was created in 1999. It’s super popular among the writing community. There are people who don’t participate because it doesn’t work for them but they certainly know what it is.

I’m sure everyone has heard of NaNoWriMo — National Novel Writing Month — where you write 50,000 words of a brand new novel during the month of November within its 30 days.

Of course, there are people who do not start a brand new novel. Some people are “NaNo Rebels” and they’ll add 50,000 words to an existing novel. Or maybe they’ll edit. …

Embrace the writing funk

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Writers all have at least one thing in common: sometimes, we don’t write.

That’s okay. We can’t expect our brains to feel creative all the time. However, there are times when it can feel like we’re never going to write again.

Dramatic, I know, but how long have you been in a writing funk for? Some writers have funks that last a couple of days. Others a few weeks or even a few months.

I’ve had writing funks where I only wrote during NaNoWriMo months. That’s only three months out of the year.

Is it writer’s block? Is it a…

Yes, it’s easier said than done but it is doable.

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The entirety of 2020 hasn’t been easy. At all. It’s one thing when your own routine gets thrown out of whack, but the entire world?

Everything came to a stand-still. Everything shut down. Adults lost their jobs. Kids missed half of the school year.

Then it seemed though the virus had just “disappeared.” Some people were thrown back into work and the kids were tossed back into school as though nothing had happened.

Of course, none of it is the same. We have to wear masks all the time. The kids can’t eat lunch together in the cafeteria. …

All about length

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There are many types of creative writing. There are novels, novellas, short stories, flash fiction, and more. What separates these types of writing from one another?

Word count.

For a long time, when I first began to write, I thought short stories and flash fiction stories were one and the same. I knew they were short, quick reads and that was that.

What‘s the difference between a short story and flash fiction?

Short story

A short story is as it sounds. It’s a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end, similar to a novel. The only difference is that it’s a lot shorter.

Short stories are typically 1,000 to about 10,000…

Trello is the tool you didn’t know you needed

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Are you the kind of person to write more than work-in-progress (WIP) at a time? Or do you tend to stick with one project until it’s complete?

Regardless of how you work, keeping track of your WIPs and all the ideas you have can turn into a mess real quick. (As someone who has had half-written notebooks and loose-leaf paper all over the place, it can turn into a big mess.)

I’m highly organized with everything but I always found it difficult to keep track of my writing projects. One reason was that I had too many physical things —…

I love and miss you, Hunter

Hunter (Photo taken by author)

In 2005, my family had to put our dog down. She was an English Springer Spaniel named Casey. She was 13-years-old and it was a devastating time for all of us.

She was older and sick so it was the best decision. It’s always hard losing a pet, who is a member of the family, but it also wasn’t great timing either. We had to put her to rest just two weeks after my young aunt had unexpectedly passed away.

Where there’s sad news always comes a silver lining. …

A little kindness goes a long way, especially now

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It’s easy to be stressed out. It’s easy to be sad. Now more than ever, we all need to stick together and care for one another.

There is a multitude of ways to do so. Most of it is something we already do (or we should do, anyway).

Check on your neighbors

We’re supposed to practice social distancing, but if you have elderly neighbors, give them a call or leave a note in their mailbox. Make sure they have what they need. Or, call and just say hello. There are a lot of people who are lonely right now.

Aside from neighbors — elderly…

You can use Trello for anything and everything

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Once I started using Trello, I didn’t want to go back to any of the other project management programs I was already part of. Trello is a great task app and organizer. You can do a lot with it for free, as explained in my guide for using Trello.

Trello allows you to have unlimited boards in which you can organize different projects and ideas such as task management or team management.

You can use Trello however you want for whatever you need. To get you started with some ideas, let me share some ways I use Trello.

General task management

All of…

It’s simple to be super productive

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Earlier this year, I published My Top 3 Task Managing Apps. Spoiler alert: that list did not include Trello.

When Trello first came out I didn’t give the app much of a chance. I don’t recall why but it felt confusing to me. So I didn’t bother with it.

In the fall of 2019, my friend and I started working on The Merry Writer Podcast and she used Trello to set up our tasks.

Since then, I have fallen in love with Trello. The number one reason why? …

From one book blogger to the next

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Book bloggers are a great way to spread the word about a book, but what makes a great book review?

8 ideas to include in your book reviews

Everyone has a different style of writing a book review. They can be long or they can be as simple as a few sentences long.

It takes a while to find your book review style and it may vary depending on the book (whether you enjoyed it or not as well as the genre). So, here are a few different things you can include in your book reviews.


First and foremost, be sure to add any disclaimers at the beginning…

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